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More about our R999 Websites

  • MOBILE FRIENDLY - no special actions required, all our sites are mobile-friendly. You don't have to create a special mobile version of your site, it will adapt automagically. Google LOVES this!
  • FOUR PAGE WEBSITE - you can have a single-page website with up to 6 buttons/sections, or a multiple-page website with up to 4 pages with 1 section per page.
    Check out Extras if you'd like more sections/pages.
    This website of ours is a multiple-page page site with 5 pages.
  • GALLERY - If you'd like a photo/video gallery, up to 8 images/video links are included in the fee. Video links display as a video box in the gallery.
    Check out Extras if you'd like more images/video links.
  • NEWSLETTER BUTTON & HYPERLINKS - You can have a newsletter subscription button to make it attractive for customers to subscribe. You can also have hyperlinks, which are words that navigate to another page or section when you click on it.
  • TWO FREE REVISIONS - once we've finished designing your site, we'll upload it to the internet for you to view. You can then let us know where you'd like us to amend it. We include two revisions (you can request a variety of changes per revision).
    Check out Extras if you'd like more revisions.
  • FREE MONTHLY UPDATE - We'll do a free monthly text-only update.
    Check out Extras if you'd like more updates in a month, or if you'd like an image/s update.
  • YOU OWN THE WEBSITE - We'll send you all the files for you to upload to your domain.
    Check out Extras if you'd like us to upload your site to a domain, arrange domain purchase and website hosting.